3rd annual Swim Week Canna Fashion Show

Date: May 30th, 2024 | Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm | Type: Swim Show

Description: The 3rd annual Swim Week Canna Fashion Show is an innovative fusion of two dynamic industries: fashion and cannabis. With a focus on designers incorporating cannabis themes and utilizing hemp-based fabrics, the show aims to seamlessly integrate the worlds of high fashion and cannabis culture. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami Swimweek, this event not only elevates the traditional runway experience but also serves as a groundbreaking platform for the burgeoning cannabis industry, showcasing its creativity, versatility, and growing influence in the fashion world. Join us as we celebrate the intersection of style, sustainability, and cannabis innovation at this pivotal event.

Distribution and Wholesale Strategies

Date: May 16, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: Effective distribution and wholesale strategies are key to reaching a broader market. In this seminar, industry professionals will gain insights into distribution channels, supply chain management, and pricing strategies, helping them optimize their distribution networks and boost their profitability

Building a Strong Cannabis Brand

Date: June 20, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: Branding is vital in a competitive industry. This seminar will offer strategies for creating a distinctive cannabis brand, cultivating a loyal customer base, and differentiating products in a crowded marketplace.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Programs

Date: July 18, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: Keeping customers engaged and loyal is critical in the cannabis industry. This seminar will explore effective customer engagement and loyalty strategies, helping businesses build lasting relationships with consumers and drive repeat sales.

Cannabis Investment Trends and Opportunities

Date: August 15, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: Understanding the latest investment trends and opportunities in the cannabis sector is crucial for entrepreneurs and investors. This seminar will provide valuable insights into investment avenues, risk assessment, and emerging opportunities in the evolving cannabis market.

Valuation and Due Diligence for Cannabis Startups

Date: September 19, 2024| Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: For startups seeking investment or partnerships, understanding valuation and due diligence processes is essential. This seminar will guide attendees through valuation methods, due diligence best practices, and strategies for attracting investors and partners.

Exit Strategies for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Date: October 17, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: Preparing for exit strategies is a critical aspect of business planning. This seminar will cover various exit options, including acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs, enabling cannabis entrepreneurs to make informed decisions for the future of their businesses.

Artificial Intelligence in Cannabis Production

Date: November 21, 2024 | Time: 4:20pm-5:20pm | Type: Virtual

Description: The integration of artificial intelligence in cannabis production has the potential to revolutionize the industry. This seminar will explore the applications of AI, from optimizing cultivation processes to improving quality control and yield prediction, offering insights into the future of AI in cannabis production.